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Reliable Commercial Real Estate Representation

The world of commercial real estate is full of opportunities and risks for investors, owners and managers. Reliable legal counsel is an essential part of essential, diligent preparations for any transaction or dispute resolution involving commercial real estate.

Definition: Commercial real estate refers to privately owned land and/or buildings intended for profit-making. Profits may come through capital gains, rental income or day-to-day business revenues. Commercial properties may be owned, occupied and used independently by single businesses. Others containing multiple businesses typically entail landlord-tenant relationships.

Examples of commercial real estate include office buildings (freestanding for single businesses or buildings with multiple offices for diverse businesses), industrial installations, medical centers, shopping malls, retail stores and mixed commercial-residential complexes.

Legal counsel is often necessary in all phases of a piece of commercial real estate’s lifecycle — from planning construction or purchase, to operating businesses, to responding to legal challenges and more.

With decades of combined experience in residential and commercial real estate law, our attorneys are prepared to help you face any challenge.

Facilitating Successful Transactions And Effective Dispute Resolution

Duggan & Pawlowski LLP is a go-to law firm for commercial real estate clients in the Buffalo area and beyond. Our firm often takes the place of in-house counsel for commercial investors, owners and managers. Our lawyers provide trustworthy advice and zealous advocacy, with services encompassing:

  • Development proposals, including zoning, finance and architectural plan contracts
  • Environmental due diligence evaluating potential liabilities and needed corrections
  • Environmental compliance requirements such as storm water pollution prevention requirements, Clean Air Act compliance, asbestos inspection and removal, and mitigation of recognized environmental conditions
  • Construction contracts
  • Purchase-sale contracts
  • 1031 exchanges to avoid taxes when selling one building and buying another
  • Commercial lease terms
  • Commercial landlord-tenant issues
  • Compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws in leasing and property use
  • Real estate litigation involving commercial properties

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