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Partnering With Real Estate Brokers And Agents For Successful Transactions

Because the law mandates it, New York real estate brokers and agents have a long history of partnering with real estate attorneys for drafting and reviewing purchase and sales agreements. The state law says “none but attorneys” can ask for or receive compensation for preparing real estate deeds, leases, assignments, mortgages, mortgage discharges and other legal documents involving real estate transactions.

Most brokers and agents are generally well-versed in compliance and adhering to the short deadlines for contingency negotiations, arranging property inspections, aligning title searches and helping their clients close their transactions successfully. At Duggan & Pawlowski LLP, we help real estate brokers and agents representing buyers or sellers avoid missteps and missing deadlines that could result in misdemeanor charges, fines or suspension of their licenses.

Drafting Documents And Other Services

In addition to preparing and reviewing purchase and sales agreements, conditional sales contracts, deeds and other legal instruments for real estate transactions, our attorneys provide a full range of legal services for agents and brokers, such as:

  • Conducting title searches for sellers
  • Preparing tax certificates for sellers
  • Determining chain of title examination for buyers
  • Looking at the county’s recorded documents
  • Networking with professional surveyors
  • Providing guidelines for sump pump, sewer and water inspections
  • Investigating matters that involve easements or restrictions
  • Addressing boundary disputes

Our attorneys’ track record includes successfully completing more than 800 closings last year. Click here to access our agent worksheet and portal. We provide a portal that allows you to monitor the statuses of your transactions as they move from your hands to ours. You will have access to the files that are open with our firm so that you can stay updated 24/7.

We Place A Premium On Open Communication

Our trusted real estate attorneys have a proven record. At Duggan & Pawlowski LLP, our lawyers have decades of combined experience working with real estate brokers and their agents. We offer open communication, turning obstacles into opportunities with quality and cost-effective legal solutions. Find out how we can help you by calling our office at 716-575-5529 or sending us an email to schedule a consultation.