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Accomplished Litigators Handling Real Estate Disputes

When investors and developers, buyers and sellers, or landlords and tenants cannot resolve disagreements through rational negotiations, the next step may be a more formalized dispute.

The real estate litigation attorneys at Duggan & Pawlowski LLP in Buffalo offer advocacy in dispute resolution and litigation. Through all phases of a case, we emphasize communication, dedication and results.

Clear communication is essential from the start, as clients need to understand risks and potential benefits of every course of action. Dedication is a given at our firm: We work hard to bring about favorable results for each plaintiff or defendant we represent.

Handling A Full Range Of Real Estate Law And Litigation Issues

Our New York clients’ real estate litigation matters often involve claims and issues such as:

  • Breach of contract: Whichever side of the dispute you are on in a breach of contract claim, we will work to prove or disprove allegations of fraud. Considering the high standards that figure into the legal definition of fraud, we will go into your case ready to fight for your rights.
  • Buy-sell performance: When a buyer or seller refuses to follow through on a purchase contract, the other can petition a court to force the purchase or sale of the property as contracted for.
  • Defects not disclosed: Buyers often claim that sellers did not disclose defects that become apparent after purchase. For example, heavy rain during the first week of possession of a property may reveal a leaky roof or foundation.
  • Lease contract term disagreements: Whether at the time of signing, anytime during a lease or upon conclusion of a lease’s terms, either party may seek advocacy to get terms changed, to enforce them or to recover damages in light of the other party’s wrongdoing.
  • Partition actions: A developer may seek to divide one piece of property into two or more. This may require just a simple petition to a court or it may be more involved if other interested parties, such as neighboring property owners, object.
  • Easement and boundary disputes: Our lawyers help purchasers, sellers and leasers of properties seek the rights or compensation they claim they need or deserve when easements or boundaries trigger disputes.
  • Adverse possession: Have you been accused of being a negligent landowner, now wishing to reclaim land that someone else has treated as their own for 10 years or longer? You may need defense in an adverse possession claim. Or are you the one caring for a piece of land left idle by an absentee or negligent original owner? You need advocacy as a plaintiff in an adverse possession case.
  • Quiet title: A title with “clouds” or complications attached to it may stand in the way of a purchase, sale or refinance.

Our commercial and residential real estate law firm represents clients on either side of a dispute, always seeking to uphold our clients’ rights and best interests.

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