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Discerning Legal Advocacy For Confronting Easement And Boundary Disputes

In New York, clarifying, defining and/or determining rights and parameters of your real estate is vital. Duggan & Pawlowski LLP in Buffalo can help you resolve challenging easement and boundary conflicts and when appropriate, recover financial compensation for damages. We have experience negotiating, creating settlement agreements as well as forcing another party to perform or cease from actions.

We Are Experienced In Facilitating Clear Agreements

You may need a lawyer’s help to establish legal rights related to an easement or to clarify responsibilities for maintenance of a wall, fence or driveway that includes a boundary line. Failure to timely address these types of disputes can result in your neighbors assuming all is well. It can also lead to costly adverse possession disagreements.

Easements can be tricky. Let us help you evaluate how best to create an agreement that will stand the test of time and prevent negative legal scrutiny for matters involving:

  • Fences and walls on adjacent properties – Including agreements for maintenance, repairs, alterations, building up or tearing down walls and fences
  • Rights of use – Asking or granting permission for use of part of your or your neighbor’s property
  • Water use – Global warming makes rivers, streams and ponds extremely sensitive and prone to conflict
  • Sudden conveyances – If you get wind of the death of the owner, follow up promptly
  • Abandonment – If the property adjacent to yours looks abandoned, do not assume it is; getting confirmation of the status of easements or conveyances will give you peace of mind

We are here to help you contend with the full realm of easements and conveyances including any kind of encroachment, obstruction or interference in your property ownership rights.

For Property Owner Versus Neighbor Disputes

Our attorneys have a great deal of knowledge and experience in all aspects of easements, including resolution of conflicts. In such situations, you need a skilled advocate on your side to compel a neighboring property owner to do something, stop doing something or pay for privileges or damages.

We typically counsel clients toward the most cost-effective way of achieving desired results. This often means resolving disagreements informally or through mediation or arbitration. It may mean settlement negotiations or taking a case before a judge or jury. Our trial lawyers are well-prepared for such cases.

Meet With A Skilled Real Estate Lawyer Soon

Communication, dedication and results are our mode of operation at this law firm. We want to make sure you understand your case. We are prepared to work hard to get the results you are looking for. Our New York residential and commercial real estate attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators. We serve clients in and around Buffalo and beyond who face easement and boundary disputes and dilemmas. Learn how we can help you. Call 716-575-5529 or send an email inquiry.